Regular Raids with custom drops - Survival 2

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Regular Raids with custom drops - Survival 2

Post by MrPwNz on Sun Jul 04 2010, 13:00

Here is a list of the raidboss that have some droplist customised.
bosses besides their drop are 100% retail like, with retail stats and
retail spawntime.

Here is the list of the bosses with edited
drops :

-Varka's chief Horus
-Soul of water ashutar
Chief Brakki
-Soul of fire Nastron
Commander Mos
-Ketra's Commander Tayr
-Queen Shyeed
Hero Shadith
-Ketra's Hero Hekaton
-Cherub Galaxia

have the following drops :
100% - 1-2 randoms weapon S grade
- 1-3 SA crystal
70% - 1-3 Top grade life stone 76
70% - 1-2 Gold
of divinity
50% - 1-3 Codex of Giant

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