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Post by HawkTH on Tue Jul 06 2010, 16:52

Ingame Name : Hawk
Class : Th
Level : 69
How long have you been playing L2 : 6years
Do you have a working microphone : y
prior Clans : hells army, vip
prior Servers : l2world, l2dubai,l2 renewal
your Language : portuguese, english, spanish
your Country : portugal
Timezone : gmt+0
your Age : 24
your online times : depends almos allways at night 6/10 hours day
How active you are : play every day
Are you able to be online for Epics/Sieges : y
What you like in our Clan : i  like the recruit post on l2-survival =)
What do u expect of our Clan : to be a united clan in witch everyone helps each other
Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : y
How would you define the word - loyality? : believe me i know loyalty is part of a set of rules i have, loylaty, repect, honour pride and last but not least friendship
How can we contact you out of the game : ( mail made to talk with my girlfriend but i ended up giving to friends so its the mail i use


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Post by MrPwNz on Tue Jul 06 2010, 17:22

declined, we dont need TH's

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