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Clan & Forum Rules

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Clan & Forum Rules Empty Clan & Forum Rules

Post by MrPwNz Sat Feb 13 2010, 16:02

Here are the Rules for our Clan

1. Clan members will respect other clan members at any time.

2. Immature behavior will not be tolerated.

3. Players that contribute most to the well-being of the clan will be first to recieve raid drops and equipment.

4. All members have equal say in clan decisions in common with the agreement of the leaders.

5. Members must be in Ventrilo all time they are ingame (micro required)
The same for IRC

6. Materials + Recipes are to be stored in clan warehouse, and taken out upon a member needing to craft an item. (I will tell if the Rule gonna be active to the server we're currently playing on)

7. Crafts/drops will go to the person that needs it most at the time. When no one needs the item, it will be sold to the highest bidder and divided amoungst the party.

8. Respect will be shown to unknown players. We are not going to be pick on newbies.

9. All Clan Members MUST talk in english in the clan channel, IRC channel, Ventrilo-Server. So everyone can understand.
(Other Languages will only be spoken in private talk or private channels)

10. Daily activity on forum is a strictly MUST. 2nd and 3rd day will still be tolerated.

12. Classes will not be decided just on your own, you will have to need an approval from the leaders.

13. Clan Leaders do have the right to access your account at any time.

14. The last and most important rule: NOT KNOWING THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE.

If you do not obey the rules written above, it will result in PUNISHMENTS.

Thx for your attention/ MrPwNz

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