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Post by Knucky. on Sat Jul 24 2010, 11:51

Ingame Name : Knucky

Class : SH main / Bishop sub

Level :
80 / need farming

How long have you been playing L2 :
till C5 can't remember exact date =/

Do you have a working microphone :
I do.

prior Clans :
In L2-Survival i was in DeathRow. It was good at first but lately there were only 3-4 active ppl so i leave it.

prior Servers :
Most time i played is l2gve which is first faction server. Players divide into two factions and pvp for 24/7. (

your Language : English, Turkish and a bit German.

your Country : Turkey

Timezone :
GMT+2 (GMT+3 for summer time)

your Age : 20

your online times :
may be whole day or 2-3 hours. Depending on my situation.

How active you are : I will do my best to join every clan action.

Are you able to be online for Epics/Sieges : I think i do.

What you like in our Clan : Firstly you seemed organized and pretty active to me. There are so many BR clans out there, it's hard to find a decent and organized one. Hmm, i will explain other things on next question.

What do u expect of our Clan : First of all this is a game. I would like to have fun times which can make me smile when i remember later. Knucky's Application Icon_smile Another important thing to me is being organized as i told above. That makes the clan a real clan. Respect and maturity is another issue. I think i don't need to explain these Knucky's Application Icon_wink . And 8th rule of your clan fits me: Don't do something that you don't like when it is done to you. So, to sum it up: i would like have funny gaming experience with my experienced and organized clan mates.

Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : Yes, i do.

How would you define the word - loyalty? : It's something that you get when you born and it's needed to have people live together in peace. I think i got the feeling!

How can we contact you out of the game : msn, e-mail.

Describe yourself with some words : I'm fall in love man. That's all i do. 1


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Knucky's Application Empty Re: Knucky's Application

Post by MrPwNz on Sat Jul 24 2010, 11:54

i liked your apply, dont need to wait for others opinions. gimmie a PM ingame.

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