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Arkime Empty Arkime

Post by Arkinos on Fri Feb 11 2011, 00:42

.Ingame Name :Arkime
Class :Arkime/TH WC buffer
Level :Arkime/52
How long have you been playing L2 :7 years
Do you have a working microphone :yes
prior Clans : most popular clans are Devianne Titans/BloodyPirates Franz Heartbreakers/Sleepers
prior Servers :Devianne/franz private servers Rebirth/l2 paradise/infinite l2
your Language :English
your Country :USA from Ohio
Timezone :EST
your Age :20

your online times :Afternoon/evenings

How active you are :Arkime/6-8 hours at least normally more

Are you able to play lowrate and highrate servers? :yes

Are you able to follow, no matter what? :yes

Are you able to be online for Epics/Sieges :yes

What you like in our Clan :My brother and I have been looking for a clan thats well organized willing to help others in pvp/crafts/epics. This is also the first clan that really presents organization that we've seen meaning a great deal to us.

What do u expect of our Clan :Constant ventrilo use/Organized pvp/raids/seiges good friendly players.

Have you read and understand the Clan Rules :yes

How would you define the word - loyality? :I would define the word loyality as always sticking together even if times are hard.

How can we contact you out of the game and if im accepted I have cell phone that you can call or text me through

Describe yourself with some words :Honest/loyal/positive/fun

What else you want to tell us :As you guys already I am hoping to get accepted with my brother. Sry for the group app. Ty guys for reading through my app.


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Arkime Empty Re: Arkime

Post by far on Sat Feb 12 2011, 17:21



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Arkime Empty Re: Arkime

Post by LiXXiT on Sun Feb 13 2011, 17:31

Decent app, +1 from me.
EST here too!

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Arkime Empty Re: Arkime

Post by Rharek on Mon Feb 14 2011, 00:05

Hes already in the clan pwnz should give him trial.

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Arkime Empty Re: Arkime

Post by Anezou on Mon Feb 14 2011, 16:16

I can give him a trial account if he makes one and lets me know his nick.

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Arkime Empty Re: Arkime

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