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Recruitment - L2Citadel

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Recruitment - L2Citadel Empty Recruitment - L2Citadel

Post by Alex/Nuzz on Wed Jan 14 2015, 01:26

1. Ingame Name and Nickname : Alex /Nuzzler
2. Class : Storm Screamer
3. Level : Beta
4. Do you have a working microphone : Yes I do
5. your prior Clans : Aegis, StrongBoys, Impulse, Winds Of War, Conclave
6. your prior Servers : Abyss, BDFR, Mid
7. your Language : English 100% Spanish 100%
8. your Country : Colombia
9. your Timezone : GMT - 5
10. your Age : 26
11. your online times : 6 to 7 hours noon & night
12. Are you able to take time for Epics/Sieges : Hel yeah
13. What you like in our Clan : Yes is nice meeting and talking with new people and makes game way more fun
14. What do u expect of our Clan : Raidboss, exp pts, sieges, pvps, epics.
15. Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : Yes.
16. How would you define the word - assisting? : On pvp means get the same target for killing war faster in game daily means clan is for work team, helping and getting helped.
17. How would you define the word - loyality? : Means we start the server and finish server in the same clan, being honest with drops and farming hours.
18. How can we contact you out of the game : Skype: al3josarmiento04 or whatsapp)
19. Describe yourself with some words : honest, funny, patient
20. What else you want to tell us : I hope i get in your clan & on a mage pt & really im excited 4 the server to start Very Happy i love international clans)


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Recruitment - L2Citadel Empty Re: Recruitment - L2Citadel

Post by MrPwNz on Wed Jan 14 2015, 09:11

Okay we're also excited about every mate that shares our interests nowadays! I'll pm u at skype once I get home from work.

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Recruitment - L2Citadel Empty Re: Recruitment - L2Citadel

Post by agony on Wed Jan 14 2015, 10:17

weak application, lets see what you will say at skype

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Recruitment - L2Citadel Empty Re: Recruitment - L2Citadel

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