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My Patience has ended.

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My Patience has ended. Empty My Patience has ended.

Post by MrPwNz Mon Mar 22 2010, 22:27

From this minute on i will not be the goody goody clan leader anymore that u all know.

Im so sick of this Clan shit currently goin on in here.

From today on i Will not :

-Farm your Gear anymore, do it fucking urself.

-Tolerate anything with disrespecting rules.

-Tolerate disbehaviour and disrespecting against me.

-Tolerate anyone doing what he wants.

-Tolerate people not being active on vent or forums.

Everything that obviously looks wrong to me will result in a clan dismiss and i dont care if your a core member or not.

I Just hope that u people already learn what being in a Clan means, this is not a group wasting time together and just jokin around.

Every Member of this Clan has his obligation and duty, and my patience has ended.

As said above everything disrespecting to general Clan play will result in punishment and Clan dismiss.

Good luck fellows.

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My Patience has ended. Userba10
My Patience has ended. Unbena10

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My Patience has ended. Empty Re: My Patience has ended.

Post by OneTwo Tue Mar 23 2010, 10:48

i love you mrpwnz

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