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Post by guest on Wed Mar 24 2010, 20:10

Ingame Name :Zuzu
Class :Soul hound
Level : 80
How long have you been playing L2 :4 years
Do you have a working microphone : yep
prior Clans :pheonix
prior Servers :l2dragonlance,l2inc,dex.
your Language :english
your Country :Romania
Timezone :GMT+2
your Age :18
your online times : hard one Very Happy..i dont konw (1 week).
How active you are : every day.
Are you able to be online for Epics/Sieges : sure.
What you like in our Clan : to have lots of fun and kick everybody else asses.
What do u expect of our Clan :to be friendly and suportive.
Have you read and understand the Clan Rules :yes.
How would you define the word - loyality? : loyality=my first name.
How can we contact you out of the game : mail[24/7],skype[24/7].
Describe yourself with some words : i talk a lot xD
What else you want to tell us :let's rock \m/ ^.^ \m/


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