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Application. Empty Application.

Post by desology on Fri Apr 23 2010, 18:41

Greetings ladies and gents, it is my great pleasure on flooding your common communication board with structureless and flawed grammar.

Ingame Name : I haven't though of one. Perhaps some random name, "1337"-esque nickname? Probably famous people.
Class : Whatever is needed, with a peculiar taste of lemon all over my back and some chilli to season up the flavor.
Level : I won't discuss this.
How long have you been playing L2
: About 5, 6 years. Who does the math anyways.
Do you have a working microphone : For oral sex, yes.
prior Clans : Legendary Pony Cluster, Empires United, Bed Bath and Beyond
Servers : Ender's (early L2J server), that other crap with Ken on it (forgot the name), Nanaki.
your Language : About 7 or eight.
your Country : Panama, some shithole between nothing.
Timezone : GMT -5
your Age
: 42
your online times : 4PM-12PM.
How active you are : Probably 4 hours a day, 8 at most.
Are you able to be
online for Epics/Sieges : I believe, yes.
What you like in our Clan : Naked pictures, cybersex.
What do u
expect of our Clan : Something over 5".
Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : Most of them.
would you define the word - loyality? : If the ruling party deserves such treatment, I'll remain as true as a boy scout.
How can we contact you out
of the game : Messenger (,
Describe yourself with some words : I like long strolls on the causeway, paintings by artists such as Salvador Dali, Botero; I also like the taste of envelope's glue, must be something on the chemicals, produces a certain "high" which is very delightful.
What else you
want to tell us : If anyone is interested on playing poker, feel free to contact me on Messenger.


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Application. Empty Re: Application.

Post by desology on Fri Apr 23 2010, 18:42

As information might be random or bogus, I forgot it's for the new 8x server in RPG club.

Feel free to message me for more personal data.


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