7th + 8th August Sieges (Today)

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7th + 8th August Sieges (Today) Empty 7th + 8th August Sieges (Today)

Post by MrPwNz on Sat Aug 07 2010, 12:05

Saturday 7th August:

Goddard Siege, Regrouping in CH at exactly
19:30 GMT +1

Sunday 8th August:

Rune Siege,
Regrouping in CH at exactly 19:30 GMT +1

i expect
everybody to be online and have a morale bigger than nobody else. This
sieges are not only about pvp, you can win real money if you gain the
castle. So i expect everybody to be on since your informed. If you can't
participe let me know it, if your not on at those times and your not
excused you will probably be kicked from SC-Gaming.

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7th + 8th August Sieges (Today) Userba10
7th + 8th August Sieges (Today) Unbena10

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