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Working on! Empty Working on!

Post by MrPwNz on Tue Aug 10 2010, 19:21

Since people don't know what to do ima tell you what we're gonna work on next!

- winning 7s / Dusk together with rDogs this week

- farm a lot of DBs/SBs to overenchant them

- farm as much money as we can get to buy enchant scrolls

- Take some lucky ass faggots to enchant the bows ( we will need at least a +7 for everybody)

- farm Anakim/Anakazel to level up Crystals to stage 13

That's the list from where we will go trough each point and succeed them in every possible way in order to outgear the others.

This will take place from tommorow on. (Wed. 11th August 2010)

best regards,


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Working on! Empty Re: Working on!

Post by OneTwo on Tue Aug 10 2010, 19:41

so tommorow starts new 7s week?

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