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Post by 0001 on Wed Feb 02 2011, 13:54

It's a really cool application that I've been messing with. I've achieved a couple of things with it, first is that I remapped every skill key on my keyboard.

Right now it looks like this:

Autohotkeys Skillbar
(Some skills, pots and elixirs are missing)

Basically I grouped the 12 skill shortcuts into 3 groups:

1 2 3 4, 5 6 7 8 and 9 10 11 12;

Which are now:

q w e r, a s d f and z x c v.

So I can use one hand on the keyboard and another on the mouse without having to click on any of the skills. It gives some strain though, because changing skillbars won't work on game so I have to press Alt + 1 2 3 4 etc to change each shortcut skillbars. I think it's possible to change the skillbars but it won't work on the PC I am at the moment, probably it has something to do with the antivirus software.

Autohotkeys stops working when I press enter, that way I can type when I'm answering to someone.

Here's another layout, this one is for a mac user:

Additionally I changed the Control key to be a toggle, instead of having to hold it down while using a skill to force attack someone.

; Only works on Lineage II windows.
#ifWinActive, Lineage II

; Suspends when pressing Enter, works again when pressing Right Shift.
Send {Enter}
Suspend, Toggle

RShift::Suspend, toggle

;Key bindings

q::Send {F1}
w::Send {F2}
e::Send {F3}
r::Send {F4}
a::Send {F5}
s::Send {F6}
d::Send {F7}
f::Send {F8}
z::Send {F9}
x::Send {F10}
c::Send {F11}
v::Send {F12}

; Force attack keys

^q::Send ^{F1}
^w::Send ^{F2}
^e::Send ^{F3}
^r::Send ^{F4}
^a::Send ^{F5}
^s::Send ^{F6}
^d::Send ^{F7}
^f::Send ^{F8}
^z::Send ^{F9}
^x::Send ^{F10}
^c::Send ^{F11}
^v::Send ^{F12}

; Changes Control into a toggle.

If (StateVar=0)
Send {Ctrl Down}
Send {Ctrl Up}


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