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Hi everybody

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Hi everybody Empty Hi everybody

Post by Panac3a on Sun Apr 10 2011, 21:01

Real Name : Flavia
Ingame Name : Panacea
Class : Soul Hound
Level : 75
Noblesse: No
How long have you been playing L2 : 6 years i've been playing dagger, that's my 1st time as kamael
Do you have a working microphone : Yes
prior Clans : --
prior Servers : Dragon Network, L2gang, RPG Club
your Language : Italian, English, French, Spanish. Polish beginner ^_^
your Country : Italy - Poland
Timezone : gtm +1
your Age : 19
your online times : [mon-fri] ~14-16 ~ 20-24 later if needed [sat-sun] can be online even full day
How active you are : I really like the action, I have a great initiative's spirit.
Are you able to play lowrate and highrate servers? : yes
Are you able to follow, no matter what? :
Are you able to be online for Epics/Sieges : yes
What you like in our Clan : Seems well organization
What do u expect of our Clan : Action
Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : NO xD
How would you define the word - loyality? : sence of the membership
How can we contact you out of the game : msn/ gg / skype / mobile / home / facebook
Describe yourself with some words : Awesome and modest ^_^ ahahah
What else you want to tell us : [Rule n°13. Clan Leaders do have the right to access your account at any time. ] Not according with that rule, from past experiences i've learned not to share my account.


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Hi everybody Empty Re: Hi everybody

Post by OneTwo on Sun Apr 10 2011, 21:33

trial, +

Hi everybody Pedobearwhiskey

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