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Miar + Cookie apply Empty Miar + Cookie apply

Post by Miar1 on Wed Aug 13 2014, 21:02

1. Ingame Name : Miar, Cookie
2. Class : Miar:  Adventurer 80/Mistic Muse 78 / Cardinal 76 / Elemental summoner 60, Cookie: Hawkeye 78/Mistic Muse 78
3. Level : Wrote already Smile
4. Noblesse: Working on it
5. How long have you been playing L2 : Miar was playing for like 5 years, then I had 5 years break and now I play again, Cookie playing like 4 years, now 2 years break Smile
6. Do you have a working microphone : yes
7. your prior Clans : Miar: jghphhhf, Addiction, Cookie was in some spanish clan
8. your prior Servers : Azure, RPG
9. your Language : eng, czech, spanish, polish
10. your Country : Miar czech, Cookie spanish
11. your Timezone : GTM +1
12. your Age : 24 both
13. your online times : I am perma online, cookie is working at nights
14. How active you are : As I told
15. Are you able to play lowrate and highrate servers? : yes
16. Are you able to follow, no matter what? : I guess Very Happy
17. Are you able to be online for Epics/Sieges : yes
18. What you like in our Clan : I dont wanna be alone Sad
19. What do u expect of our Clan : Nothing much, just to cummunicate, go bosses, pvp etc
20. Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : yes
21. How would you define the word - assisting? : helping
22. How would you define the word - loyality? : Well, just be faithfull to something, we dont have problem with that
23. How can we contact you out of the game : pm Miar
24. Describe yourself with some words : funny, crazy, loyal, helpfull, I love to help all the time Very Happy
25. What else you want to tell us : Maybe that I would probably like to join after I get noblesse, because it is really really hard to get it as we are, do not mention with clan wars Wink Thats all.


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Miar + Cookie apply Empty Re: Miar + Cookie apply

Post by agony on Mon Aug 18 2014, 17:04

+1 for marr's kitten Smile

The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed during war.

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