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Hello Empty Hello

Post by Neadus / Luxaen on Tue Sep 02 2014, 11:45

Hello MrPwnz and Stripclub!
I do recall a memory of distant past where we played together for a brief time but kill me i cant recall which server but it was C6 or C5. Nanaki, dex, l2max, supreme, old Lionna, nostalgia?

My nicks are Neadus, Luxaen, U7y, Towercontrol and Cephei.

This is not exactly an application cos Im not sure how much time i can spend in game. Im rolling a destro named ICep and a doomcryer named Cep. My goal on server is mainly raiding and S farm but i gonna need dances and after 76 songs.

Ill be glad if we party once again with you Mrpwnz, even for 2 hours per day.

Neadus / Luxaen

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Hello Empty Mail address update

Post by Neadu on Tue Sep 02 2014, 11:54

My old email is neadus_13 at yahoo, you probably have it in your database but it is blocked due to lost security question. I made registration from my new mail.


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