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Post by GenZod on Mon Sep 22 2014, 13:58

1. Ingame Name and Nickname : alchameth , GenZod character name
2. Class : Spellhowler
3. Level : 30 (New character will be 3rd class laters today)
4. Do you have a working microphone : yes
5. your prior Clans : -
6. your prior Servers : L2Shadows, private served i played on 4 years ago
7. your Language : English/Greek
8. your Country : Greece
9. your Timezone : Gmt +2 (?)
10. your Age : 21
11. your online times : Probably all day
12. Are you able to take time for Epics/Sieges : Not unless I gear up
13. What you like in our Clan : The general guild enviroment you're describing is neat
14. What do u expect of our Clan : Friednly behavior and assistance to a returning player
15. Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : Yes
16. How would you define the word - assisting? :
17. How would you define the word - loyality? : It's loyalty and it's about commiting and being serious
18. How can we contact you out of the game : Skype
19. Describe yourself with some words : Serious
20. What else you want to tell us : Thanks for the invite.


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Post by MrPwNz on Tue Sep 23 2014, 12:14

we have switched to Archeage

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