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Gracia Epilogue Guide

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Gracia Epilogue Guide Empty Gracia Epilogue Guide

Post by MrPwNz Sun Nov 28 2010, 10:45

Here a few things u should keep on mind:

Vitality System: ( Since Gracia Part 2 there is a system that increases your exp/sp amount)

Level 1 - 150%
Level 2 - 200%
Level 3 - 250%
Level 4 - 300%

Common Items
( Especially needed from 20 - 52 )

From D grade on, you can buy common items ( those are like full items but unenchantable and no bonus, but way cheaper!)

so dont buy full items!

Class Change/Quests:

First Class has to be done manualy but i guess thats not too big of a pain.

2nd Class can be done manualy as well OR you can buy it for 3 mill and a quest of 10 minutes


This Instance is a 3 Stages - 1 Time Quest which gives GREAT exp and items!

(See the Extra Thread i make for it)


Its some Kind of Instance u can enter with your party, to kill a little Boss.

It gives great exp and drops especially on higher lvls,

But! u can only enter once per day.

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