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Kamaloka Guide Empty Kamaloka Guide

Post by MrPwNz Sun Nov 28 2010, 10:59

What is Kamaloka? Is a new instanced hunting ground where you can enter once per day. The entrance time is reset at 6:30 AM.

From where can I enter? The following captains can grant access:

- Captain Bathis (Town of Gludio): Level 23, 26, 29
- Captain Lucas (Town of Dion): Level 33, 36, 39
- Captain Gosta (Heine): Level 43, 46, 49
- Captain Mouen (Town of Oren): Level 53, 56, 59
- Captain Vishotsky (Town of Schuttgart) Level 63, 66, 69
- Captain Mathias (Town of Rune): Level 73, 78, 81

A party with minimum 2 players and maximum 6 players can enter.The level of players must be between -5 to +5 levels of the Kamaloka level. The time to kill mobs/rbs from instance is 45 minutes. It's pretty easy to kill inside if you have the right party.

At every level range are:
1. Hall of the Abyss instances with levels 23/26/33/36/43/46/53/56/63/66/73 with solo RB
2. Labyrinth of the Abyss instances with levels 29/39/49/59/69/78/81 with mobs and 2 RBs (1st for xp and 2nd for drops)

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