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Post by MrPwNz on Wed Jan 19 2011, 18:12

there you go.

megaupload.com AGPMGBAQ

You can use it as IG or OOG! whatever you wish.

some easy steps:

Unpack the rar.

then you see a folder named: -> ipj -> open it -> now there is a file called manager ( looks like an explosion on the icon ) -> on your task bar u see the lil icon -> right click it and install the filter ( if you want to log without L2NET then you have to uninstall the filter again.

Now open the L2Net folder

Open the L2NET.exe which looks like pikachu.

Select the path of your L2.exe in File -> Setup example: ( F:\Interlude\system\l2.exe )

Then you go to File -> Logon Window -> Select IG or OOG and click "Listen"

Then there is a menu where u can choose the servers -> Choose L2Ice -> and click "Listen"

Afterwards go to File -> Launch Lineage2

this is a tutorial for the IG Version

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