Quitting L2Ice.

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Quitting L2Ice. Empty Quitting L2Ice.

Post by 0001 on Thu Feb 10 2011, 19:40

Well, honestly I had some hopes on the GM to fix things up but I guess it reached a point that you can tell the GM doesn't really cares about the server.

From testing stuff on a live server such as the karmian set, all books on sale at newbie towns, mobs that drop 50 mithril ores, no sieges, no cursed weapons, 1x drop rates... sheer incompetence.

Server is going downhill and the GM is nowhere to be found.

I'll be taking a recess until L2Hydra comes out, March 2011... I can't find another good Interlude Low Rate server around...

Sadly we didn't had much time together or did something significant in this little time frame, but it was an honor and a pleasure to play with you guys on l2 Ice.


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Quitting L2Ice. Empty Re: Quitting L2Ice.

Post by Flakkak on Fri Feb 11 2011, 02:38

Have fun man and good luck Smile


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