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Post by Taito on Thu Jun 16 2011, 13:54

1. Ingame Name : Taito
2. Class : Tyrant
3. Level : 72
4. Noblesse: Nope
5. How long have you been playing L2 : not sure. Maybe 5-4 years. Started way back can't even remember when. But had a lot of breaks
6. Do you have a working microphone : yes
7. your prior Clans : FightClub(lol), DoomSquad, TheOthers and many more
8. your prior Servers : Dex x4, RaidFight x4, RPG-Club x15, many lol Lithuanian servers
9. your Language : English
10. your Country : Lithuania
11. your Timezone : GMT+2
12. your Age : 17(18 in few months)
13. your online times : 18:00 till what ever + playing during the day if I haven't got anything better to do
14. How active you are : Depends on a lot of things. From mood to amount of cash I have. But as long as there is something to do, instead of just hanging around, I am active
15. Are you able to play lowrate and highrate servers? : yes, but low rate are preferable
16. Are you able to follow, no matter what? : Definitely
17. Are you able to be online for Epics/Sieges : Yes
18. What you like in our Clan : It seems you have been trough thick and thin, that means you are able to deal with uprising problems. You know what are you doing and consequences.
19. What do u expect of our Clan : Friendship, work as a team instead of being a group of some individuals.
20. Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : yes I did and I do understand them
21. How would you define the word - assisting? : helping each other, whether it is gearing up, fighting enemies or just making sure everyone is fine
22. How would you define the word - loyality? : putting certain people above yourself and the crowd
23. How can we contact you out of the game : Skype, email(I check it every few hours), phone?
24. Describe yourself with some words : shit nerd with huge epenis. Cool guy, might be a bit quiet at times, good listener, can be wasted and still play, usually think before doing
25. What else you want to tell us :


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Post by Anezou on Thu Jun 16 2011, 15:38

Would be a +1 from my side, but your class isn't the one I'd like to see in our clan as we don't have a melee party (or do we?). So I'll just stay neutral on this one.

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Post by OneTwo on Fri Jun 17 2011, 10:41

Taito wrote:
24. Describe yourself with some words : shit nerd with huge epenis.

kul penis bro

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