Rules for constants + TIPS for GL's.

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Rules for constants + TIPS for GL's. Empty Rules for constants + TIPS for GL's.

Post by MrPwNz on Wed Feb 17 2010, 20:40

GL = Group Leader.
Pay attention to ur GL, he gonna tell u when u have to log in and where to farm every day. Every party have to complete at least 4 hours party every day.
GL have the must of organize his own group, if GL cant log in design the job to another player for the hours/days untill u can log in again.
Some days may happen that some partys got not mutch members, so u can invite sum1 free for leech.
If u have any problem whit ur party tell me on msn / pm. do not make it public.
Try to be nice whit ur group, u will give ur life IG for them and they will give their life IG for u.

Its a must that ur group leader get ur account (some ppl is new in clan, but u can trust them, i putted CORE ppl as GL), if u cant log in he will do it for u, so u can leech or use ur char for buffs.

If ur group lack any class and its not possible to log him, search first in clan, then in ally, last in randoms (never in wartags).

Every GL will choise in his party heros and tell them just to me, i will take the final decision.

Every GL have to make plans about farming, take care about notice all ur party about when to group at next day and so on.

Every GL will take minor decisions about problems in party, if there is any big shit that he cant deal, feel free to pm me on msn or game or forum, dont make shiets public, that just ruin the clan, and there is no sense.

Every GL will tell u what subclass to take, if u dislike, tell me, anyway i will be involved whit the GL decition.

Every member in the party have to do what the GL says to do, if he says u to stay in the clan hall standed watching the floor 3 hours, go do it.

If sum1 dont like his party, or his GL, notice me and just ME.

If the GL is inactive and he dont tell me about that, the GL gonna get a AWEZOMGGG PUNISH! (u will enjoi it -.-'')

Ur party is just a Party ur keep being part of Mirage/StripClub, constants r made not for play 24/7 constant means gain teamplay whit allways the same party.

If some party doesnt work as it should, not even GL and members take care about it, every1 gonna be punish, next to kick (im not that kind of tard that if u got a problem or u need study or whatever i will punish or kick u, but i need u notice me about that, becoz im not god, i dont know what happens irl to u).

Most important, i dont like to write like a retard, so if i made this is for make a better clan, focus more into our objetives, and try to make damage into our enemys, so read this, help vouching incoming applys, help whit usefull info, help about teaching any other about this chronicle, help: be nice whit each other, HELP helps to gain ur mate respect, HELP helps to gain ur mate trustfull.

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