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Lookin' for 'n imba clan.

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Lookin' for 'n imba clan. Empty Lookin' for 'n imba clan.

Post by G01 Mon Sep 19 2011, 19:05

1. Ingame Name : Grierosu/ADy/Balumba most used.
2. Class : 118 classes.
3. Level : 80 on the most of the servers I had an clan too play with...
4. Noblesse: True
5. How long have you been playing L2 : from c1
6. Do you have a working microphone : true
7. your prior Clans : russianbers/redzerg(and if some one asks is the real clan).
8. your prior Servers : l2frienz/official(teon/leonna)/l2blackbird/l2grind/l2live.
9. your Language : Romanian/English
10. your Country : Romania
11. your Timezone : gmt+2
12. your Age : 18
13. your online times : how much I can stay my most active time is on night.
14. How active you are : reply answer 13
15. Are you able to play lowrate and highrate servers? : True
16. Are you able to follow, no matter what? : depends
17. Are you able to be online for Epics/Sieges : true
18. What you like in our Clan : the name I think.
19. What do u expect of our Clan : an lap-dance.!
20. Have you read and understand the Clan Rules : true
21. How would you define the word - assisting? : me
22. How would you define the word - loyality? : me
23. How can we contact you out of the game : msn/skype/iq/gmail/phone/ring tone.
24. Describe yourself with some words : accept me and you will hear more about me.
25. What else you want to tell us : you should add an question about how did you find us , because I've never been on this forum before , btw Dement invited me too make 'n apllication for this "job".


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Lookin' for 'n imba clan. Empty Re: Lookin' for 'n imba clan.

Post by MrPwNz Mon Sep 19 2011, 19:34


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Lookin' for 'n imba clan. Userba10
Lookin' for 'n imba clan. Unbena10

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